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Frequently asked questions
We often get questions regarding The Bid Reporter and we thought we would finally address some of them.

How many times a week is The Bid Reporter published?
The Bid Reporter is publishes three times a week Monday-Wednesday-Friday, we believe in giving our clients the best opportunity when it comes to bidding for Government contracts.

How do a Sign up for The Bid Reporter?
You can call us and sign up, we can address any special needs or questions you may have. You can also go to our sign up page and sign up and find instructions there.

When I sign up for The Bid Reporter do I need receive a copy with every category or can I opt-out of the ones that do not apply to me?
Yes we make every effort to provide you with a Report that will be relevant to you, in order to make bidding for Government contracts easier.

Can I add more categories after I order?
Yes you will be able to add any number of categories from the region you purchased.
Can I add more regions after I order?
Yes you may add any number of regions after you order but it will cost extra depending on the price of the region you want added.

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