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If you want to make your business more profitable then pull up a chair and buckle down.

If you want to make your business more profitable then pull up a chair and buckle down.

It is no secret that businesses are having a tough time in today’s economy. From the instability of the stock market to the jobs report the signs are all around us.  It is important for businesses to reevaluate the way they conduct themselves and the way to conduct their business. Many businesses that have the resources accomplish this by internal audits and by tracking job performance through employee evaluations. Though not every business have these resources, there are steps that any businesses small or large can take to becoming successful and profitable.

In the next couple minutes we will discuss 3 tips that will help your business improve and become more profitable. First, we will discuss marketing your business. Secondly we will cover the importance of finding new leads. We will wrap up with finding new customers. At the end of this article you will be able to improve your business.

One of the most lucrative industries in America is Marketing. Companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars trying to find out why one would prefer a blue label on their water bottle as opposed to a red one. Companies want to know what appeals to their customers and who their customers are. They also want to be able to control the image that they have when it comes to the general public. This should be a crucial part of any business small or large.  Even the Government participates in this practice when it comes to federal and local elections. You need to find a target audience that your product appeals to and provide them with a free or discounted version of your product.

Finding new leads will help your brand and image grow. Once a lead is educated on your product they have the ability to pass on what they know to another potential customer even if the original lead did not purchase your product.  Leads can come from many different sources, usually once you are able to successfully market your business you will be able to find new leads. Many companies often look over the fact that civilians are not the only sources of sales. Government contracts are stable and steady sources of income when they are successfully obtained.  Bidding for Government contracts can often be streamlined and quick. The Bid Reporter can supply you with every opportunity when it comes to bidding for Government contracts.

Lastly finding new customers can be a daunting task, especially when one has bills to pay at the end of each month. Networking is the becoming a popular term that is often used when one is looking for a job, it can also be applied when a business is looking for new customers. Networking has the ability to introduce what you have to offer to people that need your product. The Internet has been playing an important role in how people make money. Businesses use the Internet to advertise and spread the word of mouth about their product. Usually buying ad space on the internet and partnering with an affiliate program with another company will help drive more customers to your business. Again Governments are often looking for businesses small or large to complete projects in the form of Government contracts. Government contracts are listed every day and they can often be difficult to find. But with the right company such as The Bid Reporter you can find new customers in the form of Municipal Bids and supplement your income.  Last year the Government spent 429 Billion dollars on contracts. The Federal Government is going to continue spending in order to stimulate the economy.  Bidding for Government Contracts along with finding civilian customers will help your business grow.

These are three main points that need to be addressed in order to have a successful business. Through the use of Marketing you need to expose your business to your audience. Once you have an audience you need to find leads that will purchase you product or service. Lastly you need new customers to continually grow your company.



The state of the economy has proven difficult for many businesses across the country. Though the economy is showing signs of rebounding it will still take a long recovery to restore the strength and trust it once had. There are very few options businesses have to stay viable. Municipal bids can help any business expand while developing relationships that can last a life time. The Bid Reporter provides Government contracts that are up to date and will provide bidding opportunities whether your business is small or large.

The Bid Reporter provides municipal bids ranging from Athletic and Sporting Goods to Window and Door work as well as everything in between. The Bid Reporter provides Government bids at your finger tips up to 3 times a week, and will tailor your issue to the categories preselected during the signup process. The cost of The Bid Reporter depends on the regions selected. The Bid Reporter publishes Government contracts for New York City, Westchester, Connecticut, Nassau and Suffolk.

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